Potosí Photos

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Pigs foraging outside the mine

Huts that the miners use to store their equipment outside the mine

A miner pushing a cart out of the mine

Entering the mine

Miners pushing a cart through the tunnel

Closeup of a cart loaded with minerals. A group of 4 miners tries to fill up 15-20 of these in a day and push it out of the mine. I believe it holds about 1.5 tons of minerals (could be wrong).

The mineral vein the miners follow when creating the tunnels.

A shrine to Tio

A crank used to raise minerals out of a vertical shaft

Our guide giving our presents to the miners

Taking a break in the mine

Crawling through a tunnel

Some minerals on the tunnel wall

Another shrine to Tio

Closeup of the shrine's face

Exiting the mine 90 minutes after we entered. What a relief!

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