La Paz, Day 1 Photos


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View from my hotel room at dawn

Morning view from my hotel room

Even the shower has a view (about 30 seconds of hot water steamed up the windows for privacy)

The street outside my hotel.

Walking towards Plaza San Francisco (I think this is Calle Santa Cruz)

This hill was torture because of the altitude. I felt like I had ran a 10k after climbing it just one block.

Around La Paz

Plaza and Iglesia San Francisco

At Plaza San Francisco

Museum next to Iglesia San Francisco

At the soap box derby

At the soap box derby

The lady that sold me a small trinket in the Witch Market. Those are dead baby llamas, a dead cat, and a dead armadillo. You're supposed to use them to bless a new home or something.

Le Pot Colonial, the restaurant where I had lunch (also home to the Coca Museum, which I didn't visit)

Inside Le Pot Colonial

Around my neighborhood (Rosario)



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