Footstops on Facebook : Notify Your Friends

One of the most exciting additions to Footstops is our new Facebook application. This simple application allows you to let all your Facebook friends know when you've added a new journal to Footstops

When you are ready to publish your new journal entry, click the checkbox

A popup window will appear and you will have to login to Facebook. Don't worry, this is all done securely on Facebook's website. We will never have access to your Facebook username or password.

The first time you use Footstops on Facebook you will have to add the application to your Facebook account. This is done automatically if we detect you don't have the application added, right after you log in. We've designed our application to be simple and small so it won't take up any room on your profile page.

After you have logged into Facebook, publish your journal like normal and voila! An entry has been added to your mini-feed with a link to your new journal. All your friends will be notified in their Facebook homepages about your new blog. Its the easiest and quickest way to keep everyone updated.

We think that Footstops on Facebook is a great addition to our community. Apart of making it an extremely easy way to keep all your internet savvy friends up to date, it gives Footstops great exposure and will go a long way to help generating money for our charities and causes.

Note: Your journal will not be posted to Facebook until you Publish your entry. Also, Facebook has some restrictions over the number of times you can update news to your friends (to avoid spam), so if you add a lot of journals on the same day, maybe only post the newest couple to Facebook.

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