Adding Photos Into Your Journals

We've finally added support for adding pictures directly into your journal entries; not just into your photo albums. Now when adding or editing journals, there is a new button in the editor .

From here you'll be able to upload a photo, which will be automatically added to the journal's photo album, or if you've already uploaded photos, choose one from the journal's album.

Simply click the image to add and it'll show up in your journal:

Currently all the photos are aligned to the right, soon we will have some more advanced options so you can choose to align them however you like. Also, if you find the editor window too small, you can make it bigger by dragging the bottom right corner up or down.

Note: There is an issue with Internet Explorer that does not allow you to resize the image. We are working on a solution but if you need to resize try using Firefox if possible.

With Footstops it should now be easy to show your friends and family the sights and sounds of your travels. Take care and safe travelling!

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