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Amid the beauty and sunshine

Written on: Tuesday September 18th, 2007

A journal entry from: Holidaying in New Hampshire

Located in the New England region of the United States, New Hampshire in northeastern United States is home to sports and recreational attractions. The intense beauty and outdoor attractions would make you come back for more.

The splendid water views and the beautiful state parks would absolutely take your breath away. Pristine lakes and ponds would awaken the artist in you. Some of the lakes have great summer cottages along their banks that beautify the landscape even more. Harvest activities, family activities, children's fun activities, and autumn's attractions are all part of the fun.

If the outdoors is the only thing you're looking for, New Hampshire has its share of state parks. Guests of New Hampshire Vacation Rentals can enjoy hiking and biking through the miles of woodland trails. Camping lovers can select a scenic campground to explore the park and the area. Winter brings with it the possibilities for cross country and alpine skiing as well as snowmobiling. Swimming on and picnicking by the ocean or lake is quite a fun option for vacationers. Jet skiing, boat tours and hiking to a waterfall are some of the other activities vacationers can enjoy apart from sampling the luxury of the Vacation Home Rentals of New Hampshire.

Water is an important theme here, and New Hampshire's water bodies also provide splendid water views. For all water themed attractions, head to the New Hampshire Lakes region that includes the incredibly beautiful Lake Winnipesaukee. You could find great lodgings at the Lake Winnipesaukee vacation homes. The New Hampshire International Speedway hosts thunderous NASCAR action, while Laconia hosts the Loudon Classic along with the popular motorcycle rally, Bike Week in June.

New Hampshire's largest city is Manchester, and is the destination for art lovers thanks to the presence of an arts community. Vacationers can also visit the educational institutions of the largest city. As we said before, the water and beach themes are really of utmost importance in New Hampshire's vacation itinerary. Beach lovers, head to South New Hampshire to experience great beaches along the Atlantic Coast. Hampton Beach area is quite popular.

Mountain lovers can head to the White Mountains and Northern New Hampshire for biking and skiing opportunities. You'll find many ski resorts on Mount Washington, which also offers incredible views that would forever be etched in memory. Guests of New Hampshire vacation rentals can ascend the mount with the Mount Washington COG Railway. Vacation options are plenty for guests of New Hampshire vacation rentals.