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Written on: Sunday May 12th, 2013

A journal entry from: Italy, Ireland, Japan

Venezia - our favourite stop yet in many ways. The place is magic even if you know what to expect there, and even if it's loaded with tourists (in this case, no sweaty flour sack men - see "Sorrento"). Getting lost in the narrow streets, cruising the canals on a water bus, standing in the middle of the huge Piazza San Marco watching string quartets and pigeons - it truly is one of the most unique and romantic cities on earth. 

After an Amazing Race moment trying to track down our Airbnb apartment, all was smooth sailing in Venice - pun maybe intended. We smiled a lot here, and so enjoyed the streets and canals (and gelato and pizza) that we failed to make it to many of the museums or insides of signature sights. We were okay with this :)

Last night we enjoyed our "last supper" here in Italy, at a charming restaurant full of wooden beams, brick walls, concrete floors and a wood burning oven (all things I would shove into my purse if it were big enough). It was perfect, and delicious. 

Favourites of Italy
- Roman Forum (brains still sore)
- Piazza Venezia (in Rome)
- Journeys through the countryside by train (villas and vineyards and endless greenery)
- Food (Julia Roberts in Eat Pray Love doesn't hold a candle next to us)
- Cliffs of the coast
- Riding the canals of Venice
- Listening to tiny voices of Italian children
- Observing funny animals (I married the right person)
- Watching Parks & Rec on the IPad every night... The perfect guilty pleasure

We are currently in the Milan airport waiting to take off to Dublin. Riding the bus through Milan was amazing - feels like the New York of Italy! Next time. 

See you in Ireland!


From Carla on May 12th, 2013

At first read through paragraph 1, I thought you wrote "standing in the middle of the huge Piazza San Marco watching marching pigeons..." That sounded incredible!! Lol! It's so fun to read your unfolding adventure. Love you both!

From Mom & Dad on May 13th, 2013

We loved hearing all about your days and especially seeing your loved faces! The pics bring back memories and the feelings, especially Venice. Glad to know you got lost too :) Love you!