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Roma. Molto Bello!

Written on: Tuesday May 7th, 2013

A journal entry from: Italy, Ireland, Japan

Buongiorno!  Because this was my first Rome experience and Jennelle has been here before, she's elected me to write the first post on our blog. I told her she's the one with the degree, she should write. But, you're stuck with me.... 

Rome. Big, crowded, fast, delicious and old. Very old. My first impression of Rome was "smells like smoke". Seems like everybody smokes everywhere. So, when in Rome...... (Don't worry mom, we didn't start smoking...) We accepted the smell which I find enchanting because it meets the somewhat entitled lifestyle that Romans lead. They seems to do whatever they want, just because a they can. This is reflected in their demeanour, driving habits and "building of mammoth impractical buildings". 

In Rome you eat, drink and walk from mammoth building to mammoth building. For us, this was perfect...... The buildings, impractical as they are, are obviously awe inspiring and beautiful. We found ourselves often expressing frustration standing in front of these mammoth structures because we found our brains craning to understand how they pulled it off, more often than not, thousands of years ago. The answer- slaves (lots of salves) and convincing Christians to pay money to have their sins forgiven. When you see St. Peter's and your jaw drops to the marble gold lined floor, none of it makes sense. You're convinced Walt Disney played a role in the design because it's hard to believe it's real... You need to see it for yourself. 

Our stops were Vatican Museum and the halls of broken penis statues (Sistine chapel- wow), Saint Peters Basilica, Spanish Steps, Treve Fountain, The Colosseum, The Roman Forum and standing in front of the most impressive exterior I've ever seen at the Piazza Venezia. (We weren't sure what this museum was called...)

A quick cliche bit- Jennelle's favourite experience was laying in a beautiful park catching a quick nap, listening to the cute Italian accented children and watching the tiny dogs walk by. Adam's favourite part was wandering the back streets away from the tourists, taking in the sights and smells and seeing the local culture. We both enjoyed the pasta, pizza and wine, a lot, and agreed we could eat here forever and would accept the resulting health challenges. 

Today we're taking the bus to Sorrento to walk as little as possible, relax and continue eating as much as we can and exploring more Italian wine; also looking forward to the local Limoncello and our hotel perched on the oceanside. 

Stay tuned for the Sorrento report from Jennelle in a few days!



From Carla on May 7th, 2013

Sounds so enchanting and wonderful! I can't wait to see pictures of your food experiences (should you be taking any.:)) And very well written post, dear brother. Between the two of you, this will be some very enjoyable adventure literature!! Love you both.