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Brand New Is Amazing Live..

Written on: Saturday May 12th, 2007

Pick up justin and cindy

drive to fernie

pick up brylee.

Once we get to calgary we decide to hit up the mall for a bit and get some food ( i got some sushi), then we head to the hotel before the show. First we wait for about an hour in line to get in just anticipating what was about to come, then we wait for another 30-40 minutes for the actual show to start.

First off i would like to recognize that Anathallo is an amazing band. They are an 11-13 man band (too many people to count) and they play awesome music. Their songs tell stories, and make you feel every emotion. So many different instruments at one time all topped off with a specialty in percussion. Amazing. Half an hour of pure awesome.

45 minutes after Anathallo finishes

 Lights go dark and you see the album cover for 'The Devil and God..' appear on the screen. Figures walk out. All of a sudden i feel my entire body become covered in tingles and the riff for "Okay I beleive you But My Tommy Gun Dont" begin to play. Such a sweet opener. The entire crowd is stoked to the max. After playing a few "Deja" songs Jesse played a new song he wrote and then finished the Deja's with "Play Crack The Sky". Made me miss camp a whole lot. After playing almost the entire Devil and God cd (every song except Untitled, Not the Sun, and Handcuffs) the band played 'Welcome to Bangkok". The entire opening band except for the female singer were on as well and just playing things as hard as they could. What usually lasts 3 minutes and 5 seconds made me lose track of time completely, yet im sure it lasted at least 10 or 15 minutes. Every drum and instrument was being played. At one point Vin Accardi wasnt even playing his guitar, just smashing as many peddles as he could, and one of the guys from Anathallo was smashing a cymbal from the drum set on the ground. Most amazing thing I have ever seen. Even now, a little short of a day later, im still completely in awe. Brand New are truly musical geniuses and nothing short of that. I am so excited i got to experience such an amazing event, such a beautiful sensation, and such sweet music.