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Cruise Time Baby

Written on: Sunday March 25th, 2007

A journal entry from: Fort Lauderdale / Mexico / Miami

So when you get on a boat you do not expect everything to be from a movie. Every single part of this ship was absolutely amazing from the entrance room to the lounges to the casino. All of it was shiny and polished up. The time on the boat was spent just relaxing and having fun. We went to a couple comedy shows, spent some cash in the casino (i won ten bucks and meg's dad won 3600), and chillin on the deck.

On the second day of the cruise we went to a place called key west florida and its where i want to live one day when im wrinkled and rich. Wild chickens, sun, and lots of longboarding. What else could i ask for. Meg and I decided we wanted to try snubaing while we were there. Snuba is like snorkeling but you have air tanks on a raft above the water and you can go like 15 feet down. We got to go down into a trench that was used for submarines back in the day (which was a wedensday for those of you who didnt know that).

 Happy Times