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Blue Lake

Written on: Saturday July 1st, 2006

A journal entry from: Blue Lake Camp

It all begins on the first of July.  The camp where you go not only to have the best summer of your life, but to make some of the best friends and memories you'll ever come across. A week of staff training where no one really knows a thing about anyone, but the awkwardness fades within minutes as you see everyone else is in the same position.  It's not unusual to try and grow a mustache or a beard the first part of it, and not poop alone for two solid months (group deuce?).  Meal times are an art form: organized mayhem. Chants happen to come out of nowhere and food is tossed across the table. After the foods been devoured, doing dishes and washing toilets has never been so much fun.  Rolling in the dirt, stomping your feet (not shuffling), and yelling loud enough it ripples the water beside you: sounds like campfire to me.  It's safe to say if your not a seasoned veteran you won't have a voice within 3 days. Friday.  Camp is the one place you get to be a kid again and something you'll look back on in years and still wish you were there.