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Spanglish privilegio

Written on: Monday August 4th, 2008

A journal entry from: Joburg

For this blog assignment, I would like you to look critically at your international internship and try to identify a) if you are indeed privileged and b) how did/does that privilege manifest itself...

Of course that we are all privilegiados. The fact that we attend a university, that many have access to grants, loans and scholarships, que tienen oportunidades laborales en Canada desde que estan en el colegio, that you have a roof, food and heat and acceso a un sistema de transporte publico says enough.

Nobody is really poor when you live in a society that allows you these many opportunities. Do you think you are pobre por tener menos dinero que algunos otros? Todos somos privilegiados en York University. Y lo somos aun mas cuando York International nos abre las puertas para viajar y conocer algunos rincones de este mundo.  

The real question should not be if we are indeed privileged but what can we do to extend these privileges beyond our borders and beyond ourselves. 


From Megan on Aug 11th, 2008

si, pero algun estudiantes a la universidad de York estan mas privilegiados de otres...Quando yo estuve una estudiante a la universidad de Toronto mis proffesorers dije muchos veches que yo estoy privlegiados para assistir eso univeridad. Pero en esté tiempo yo tuve no dinero para comida (not an exageration). ¿Estuve privilegiados? University of Toronto no he abriendo los puertes para me en esté tiempo. In fact, it made me sick to be told in class that I was super privlleged when I was struggling just to keep food on the table and trying not to be evicted. There are poor people in Canada as well. Pero no la extrema pobresa como Guatemala. Si, yo estuve privilegiados compartivo de muchos Guatemalatechos, quien suffieron de desnutrition para años. Y, porque yo vivo en una pais rico, y tuve una outre opprotunidad para obtainé mis licencatura. Pero no es tan facile. Todos los personas en paises ricos no son privilegiados, y todos los personas en paises pobres no son pobres. My dos centavos on that point.

From Larissa on Aug 19th, 2008

I agree, we are all privileged. I would contest your point that "Nobody is really poor when you live in a society that allows you these many opportunities". I'm pretty sure that there are some poor people within our society who would disagree. So you have identified that you are indeed privileged. How did that privilege manifest itself while you were on internship? I think you will find the deeper answer you are seeking if you give that a shot.