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Travel Journal: Luke in Central America


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Feb 1st 2008 Getting ready to go
Feb 10th 2008
Feb 17th 2008
The End Of The Beginning
Feb 23rd 2008
A Whale Of A Time!
Feb 29th 2008
La Barranca Del Cobre
Mar 12th 2008
Beach Bum
Mar 28th 2008
The Happy Coast!
Apr 11th 2008
Back To The City
Apr 18th 2008
Sand, Sea And Crocodiles
Apr 21st 2008
Into The Jungle
Apr 30th 2008
Half-way Through
May 12th 2008
Englishness, Coral Reefs And Star Wars
May 28th 2008
The Gringo Trail Through Guatemala
Jun 11th 2008
Under The Sea
Jun 20th 2008
Hurricanes, Volcanoes and a Happy Wallet

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