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Bagan, Myanmar

Written on: Sunday February 25th, 2007

A journal entry from: Southeast Asia

Far different than the remote site of Hsipaw with its hourly chanting of monks, dark nights and generated electricity, Bagan is geared up for the tourists who have yet to arrive. Quietly it waits with its new paved roads from community to community, sidewalks, western catered restaurants, and many pedlars. We bicycle out onto the vast dry plains that are dotted with the spires of over 4000 temples. Often we are cycling on goat trails arriving at a marvelous ancient site from 800 AD with frescos so vivid you can almost see the brush strokes. We may be the only ones there, or a key keeper may open a gate to allow us to climb the ancient stairs. Awesome!


From Steve in Vancouver on Mar 8th, 2007

Hi guys.........boy what an adventure. You will never be the same again. How do you gracefully integrate such an experience into day to day Nelson life? Going to be wonderful to see you again. take care love steve

From Tanya & Kevin on Mar 8th, 2007

Glad you are enjoying beautiful Bagan and the rest of Myanmar as much as we did. Can't wait to hear about your Kalaw to Inle Lake adventure! Although, suspect the delay in telling it is due to poor internet connection ....!!

From Bryan Rite on Mar 9th, 2007

Hey guys! I got in contact with Roy Warren Clark from the Akira Mine Action Centre. We're setting up some cool partnerships between Footstops and Akira, and we had a nice little chat about you two! Just wanted to let you know!