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Yangon, Myanmar

Written on: Tuesday February 13th, 2007

A journal entry from: Southeast Asia

From the dusty bumpy roads leaving Cambodia, to the superhighways of Thailand, and the frantic pace of Khao San Road in Bangkok we have since arrived to the "Golden Land" of  stupas, longyis, monks ... a place where foreigners are referred to as guests.   Yangon steps back in time, "a half-finished work in progress", evident in the crumbling unfinished buildings, several glass office towers, and glorious golden stupas.  The most distinctly different place on our journeys,  quietly conservative with women and men dressed in the traditional longyis and monks in saffron robes,  we are a rare sight, welcomed by greetings, stares and laughter - but always friendly and welcoming. The biggest challenge was changing money in the "black market" and finding internet access to the outside world.