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Kampot, Cambodia

Written on: Thursday February 1st, 2007

A journal entry from: Southeast Asia

Crumbling buildings, vacant lots, abandoned colonial homes,  commercial decay - Kampot is a city struggling to recover from the years of civil war. We were awed to see such a visible reminder of this country's more glorious days.  We travelled on a secluded rugged road in the back of a pick-up into Bokor National Park, driving through an active forest fire several hours to the old abandoned hill station town of Bokor. Once magnificent with its colonial hotel, casinos, church, houses, servant's quarters...all that remains are ghostly ruins after it was first abandoned in the 40s in the fight for independence against the French and then in the 70s when the Khmer Rouge took it over destroying, looting and even turning some rooms into a prison. Great set for a horror movie.