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Vespa, Vietnam

Written on: Wednesday January 17th, 2007

A journal entry from: Southeast Asia

Actually there is no town by the name of Vespa in Vietnam. I have created it in order to display a few photos I have taken of the classic Italian motor scooters. As we travel from country to country, town to town, I have developed a passion for the scooter culture and especially for the Vespa. I have stopped in the middle of busy intersections to snap a photo of one of these classic motorbikes.

Vespa, Vietnam has been located on our map halfway between HCMC(Siagon) and the Island of Phu Quoc. This is where, flying over the Mekong delta,  I opened up a Vietnam Airlines magazine and saw the happy birthday Vespa article.The Vespa is 60 years old.

So take a look at the photos and see if you don't think these Italian icon scooters shouldn't play a bigger role in our North American culture.


From Ben & Debbie on Jan 22nd, 2007

Hi Greg & Marilyn: Your Vespa dreams CAN come true right at home -Blue Sky Imports in Balfour are bringing refurbished Vespas right here in the Kootenays!! Love your Blog -would love to email you -mail us at debbiejl@shaw.ca

From Bryan Rite on Jan 22nd, 2007

Yes! I loved the Vespas too. After my trip I also really wished I had done a photo set of all the different Tuk Tuks around South East Asia. Every area seemed to have a distinct flavour of Tuk Tuk. I thought that'd be really fun to put together. Oh well, maybe next time!

From Marlene on Jan 23rd, 2007

In France from the age of 14 scooters are the thing to ride. Most of the kids we know from Castillonnes are riding around on them. They are so cool and I am not so it probably won't happen although Bob is interested in a trike! That scares me. Love your photos and blog. xoxoxox