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Hue, Vietnam

Written on: Sunday January 7th, 2007

A journal entry from: Southeast Asia

Although a city of many attractions, it is particularly known for being the site of the bloodiest battles of the 1968 Tet Offensive. Close to the Demilitarized Zone (DMZ), it has many reminders of the war - Vinhmoc Tunnels, Khe Sanh Combat Base and Hamburger Hill.  However, it was a short stopover for us on our way south. It was our first rain since we left Canada. The photos capture the mood of the city...


From Terry and Elizabeth on Jan 9th, 2007

It is great to follow your journey guys! This is a fabulous way of sharing your trip while you're on it! Wish we were there. Please don't mention rain again - Victoria is about to be washed into the sea and Vancouver has not answered our calls! We've had 150 mm of rain already this month (what we average in January) and its only the 8th. Elizabeth is pissed off because it keeps customers at home. Hey I'm retiring in three months - what? me worry? You've made me want to spend some time in Laos.

From Marlene on 10th Jan 07 on Jan 10th, 2007

Even in the rain, it looks fascinating. It is wonderful to be able to be only a few days behind you on this amazing journey. Happy New Year and love to you both.

From Lucille on Jan 11th, 2007

We will be so "ordinary" when you get home. Miss you. We have more snow then we have had in years. Quite beautiful.