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Nong Khiaw, Laos

Written on: Saturday December 9th, 2006

A journal entry from: Southeast Asia

After an amazing sawnthiaw ride over the mountains from Luang Nam Tha we arrived at the most pristine little village on the River Ou.  Would you believe you can put l6 people into a small box pick-up?  On arrival to this small village, we splurged and stayed in a riverside bungalow - personal deck overlooking the river below and the sharp mountains beyond. This area has many remnants of war - cluster bombs that have been turned into planters or signs, benches or scrap and caves that served as shelters. The next day we took a long boat up the river to Muang Ngoi, a small village with no roads and generator supplied electricity.  We walked into a waterfall with a French/Belgium couple, Alain and Christina, whom we have been travelling with.  In the morning we chartered a boat to Luang  Prabang - a beautiful six hour ride down the River Ou to the Mekong and then to Luang Prabang.


From Miguel on Dec 10th, 2015

Yes. Thanks for the pictures! Much preefr this calm to the city life for a relaxing time. I saw The Amazing Race the last few Sunday evenings. So far they have been in Shianghai, Indonesia and Bangladesh and Istanbul. We had a great time in Istanbul I would go there again. Bangladesh looked like a rat race no desire to go there at all!