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Ko Chang, Thailand

Written on: Sunday November 5th, 2006

A journal entry from: Southeast Asia

Left Bangkok on the VIP bus... hostess and all.  She served us watery coke and cookies while we were supposed to be enjoying the blaring movie on the overhead screen.  Thais LOVE noise.

Arrived in Trat and looked for Kristi's recommended Friendly's Guest House.  Very primitive - I'm impressed Kristi. Always thought you were a princess.  What can you expect for 120 B ($4.00). We had a yummy dinner and enjoyed their night market. Left in the morning for the ferry to Koh Chang.

We had a wonderful two days staying at the Elephant Garden, Bang Bao, on southern tip of Ko Chang - but there was nobody there! Not even Will, the famous owner, loved by Erin Dooley.  Loved the way all the village was built on a pier and found some marvelous places to eat. Great seafood. Took walks to the beach and were almost the only people there.  We soon found that this place was too quiet  so we rented a scooter to look for a new destination.

We moved to Siam Beach Resort at Lonely Beach - the huts at the very end of the beach by the big hill. Our hut is right on the water and Greg is smiling! We walked along the beach last night and had a meal at this very funky place called the Treehouse. We sat on a wooden deck overlooking the sea and listened to great music. Dad got attacked by a bat and we forgot our flashlights, but we made it home. I woke up in the night being attacked by mosquitoes and now I guess I have malaria, but that's okay, because I found ringworm on my leg this morning. Just another day in Paradise. Guess I'll go for a swim now...

 Several days later:

What a GREAT time we are having. We're hoping that we don't get stuck here, but we're getting into the rhythm of this. Up, swim,walk, eat, swim, read, swim, dinner, sleep... Yes, this is a lovely way to begin our journey...I am learning to speak some Thai, much to Greg's embarassment at times...Just had a great dinner - yum, the food is good here. Greg sweats buckets!  We had a great day. it started off with a breakfast with a couple from Holland. Not sure what they thought of us because when we went to leave Greg's leg was asleep from sitting on a cushion on the floor and he stumbled out while I couldn't find my shoes that I had left  at the door. I'm having a bit of a shoe crisis. This is the third time in two days. I left a pair blocking the cat hole at Elephant Garden and then I couldn't find a pair at the internet cafe. When i went to leave my shoes were gone!  Well! So I went and bought another pair...( we're just talking about flipflops). However, when i went back to the internet cafe, sure enough, there they were...guess i just didn't recognize them.  It happened again at the Treehouse...Anyways...all our medical concerns have been cured by the wonderful Grapeseed Oil you gave us. Thanks.  Greg has finally washed the shirt you gave him - phew and our cabin is nicely decorated with all our washed underwear. Exciting news, huh?!  However, I have not looked into a mirror in days, so Greg went out to get one. He returned with one one inch by one inch.   We are seriously considering redecorating our deck in a Thai theme for next summer. Be prepared.  Love you girls. xoxoxoxo


From Bryan Rite on Dec 7th, 2006

Hey Marilyn and Greg! Sounds like you're having a great trip already! I'm glad you are able to go see South East Asia, its a trip I would never want anyone to miss. Good luck and let me know if there is anything I can help you with.