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Snow Day

Written on: Saturday February 23rd, 2008

A journal entry from: Skiing for a Day


From Adnan on Mar 27th, 2012

I'm showing the pgserros of converting files and using ajax to hit my db for the current percent. this bar would GREAT for this project. however, i'm running into an issue when trying to dynamically add more pgserros bars to the page AFTER laod (say if another file is now being converted). I get all sorts of null errors and the bar never shows. Any ideas? error:Microsoft JScript runtime error: this.pbArray[...] is null or not an object : var tbody = document.getElementById( tbl ).getElementsByTagName( TBODY )[0]; var row = document.createElement( TR ); var td2 = document.createElement( TD ); var elmPgBar = document.createElement( span ); elmPgBar.id = pgBar + id; elmPgBar.innerHTML = 0% ; elmPgBar.className = pgserrosBar ; td2.appendChild(elmPgBar); row.appendChild(td2); tbody.appendChild(row);