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It's over

Written on: Monday October 8th, 2007

A journal entry from: Europe

This will no doubt be my final entry in a ?blog? that has been long since dead. I apologize to those of you who wanted nothing more then a simple update concerning my travels. When posted I can only assume that my travel blog was the highlight of your day, bringing tears and smiles to your pale Canadian faces. I know a lot of people have told me how this blog has changed their lives and such, and their not sure just how they?ll continue living once they read my final entry. I?ve even received several emails of ?hard-core? fans promising to name their first born child ?Mike?s travel blog?. Sometimes if you perk your ears just enough here in Europe, around midnight one can hear the ever so faint chanting of satisfied Mike?s travel journal readers. It?s really quite flattering that all have enjoyed these entries so much and at times it has been quite hard to remain so humble. Most people actually don?t even realize how modest I really am, which I think is kind of unfair. Actually, if you think about it I am probably the best at being humble. I can?t even think of anyone throughout history that has had such unwavering humility and unbelievable modesty.

Anyway, it would seem that my last entry was about Gimmelwald and since then I have been to a lot of other countries and cities. The run down goes a little something like this:

Bern, Switzerland

Frankfurt, Germany

Boden Boden, Germany

Amsterdam, Netherlands

Colmar, France

Lyon, France

Reims, France

Paris, France

Nice, France

Cinque Terre, Italy

Florence, Italy

Siena, Italy

Rome, Italy

San Sebastian, Spain

Madrid, Spain

Seville, Spain

Granada, Spain

Valencia, Spain

Barcelona, Spain

Lisbon, Portugal

Lagos, Portugal


I?ve walked and talked, lived and loved, and sight and seen as much Europe as these European?s would allow. But I?m coming home now, with a full head, starry eyes, and impeccable European geography skills. I wanna give six million shout outs to every European I?ve met along the way, your continent is no longer a mystery to me.


Mike out?


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