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Travel Journal: North America in our Camper Van!


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Feb 18th 2008 0 km - Our hometown, Calgary
Feb 19th 2008
1042 km's: Made it through the Rockies!
Feb 20th 2008
1567 km's: A lunar Eclipse in Portland
Feb 21st 2008
1622 km's: Multnomah Falls
Feb 23rd 2008
1795 km's: Corvallis, Home of Oregon State University
Feb 23rd 2008
2839 km's : Silicone or Silicon Valley?
Feb 25th 2008
3165 km's: Sure glad we drove The Big Sur
Feb 26th 2008
3751 kms: San Marcus
Feb 28th 2008
3838 kms: Now we are Four Amigos
Feb 29th 2008
4083 kms: A Big Buffet at La Bufadora
Mar 1st 2008
4294 kms: El Pabellon Sand Dunes
Mar 2nd 2008
4482 kms: Catavina
Mar 3rd 2008
4771 kms: Laguna Ojo de Liebre- Cactuses or Cacti?
Mar 4th 2008
Its not every day you make friends with a 20-ton whale!
Mar 7th 2008
5126 kms: Playa Coyote- Would you like me to pee on your foot?
Mar 8th 2008
5682 kms: La Paz , Goodbye Gilles and Kristin
Mar 10th 2008
5749 kms: Mazatlan, Rob gets a very warm welcome to to the mainland
Mar 12th 2008
6074 kms: Laguna Santa Maria del Oro
Mar 13th 2008
6275 kms: Amatitlan and Guadalajara - Land of the Blue Agave
Mar 14th 2008
6324 kms: Driving in Guadalajara City- a true test of our compatibility
Mar 15th 2008
6674 kms: Semana Santa Celebrations and a Love Motel in Morelia
Mar 17th 2008 7155 kms: Welcome to Granja Tixib!
Mar 19th 2008
A tour of the Farm and introduction to its critters
Mar 21st 2008
The Magical Valley of Tepotzlan
Mar 28th 2008
A day (or two) in Mexico City
Mar 30th 2008
Harvesting and Learning about Medicinal Herbs
Apr 4th 2008
An Energy Audit for Tashirat Yoga Center and Orphanage
Apr 5th 2008 Videoblog- Making Soil is Fun!
Apr 7th 2008
Making Sopes with Senora Candida
Apr 12th 2008
El Bautismo de los nietos de Candida- To Mexico City for a Baptism and a Party!
Apr 14th 2008
A day spent at HueHue ("way-way")
Apr 15th 2008
Temascal - A sweaty, spiritual experience
Apr 16th 2008
Fiesta de la Capilla in Ocotitlan
Apr 17th 2008
8011 kms: Goodbye Tepotzlan
Apr 17th 2008
8071 kms: Cuernavaca- Being resourceful like the Mexicans
Apr 21st 2008
8511 kms: Pie de la Cuesta- And the ants go marching on!
Apr 22nd 2008
8861 kms: Laguna Corralero and 9082 kms: Zipolite Beach
Apr 25th 2008
9262kms: Oaxaca City and a visit to the Hospital
Apr 26th 2008
Monte Alban and Airport: Chris' last day in Mexico
Apr 26th 2008 Videoblog: Market in Oaxaca
Apr 27th 2008
Exploring around Oaxaca: Mitla, Hierve del Agua and Mezcal
Apr 28th 2008
Teotitlan del Valle- 9 Generations of Tradition
Apr 29th 2008
Mountain Biking in the Sierra Madre through the Pueblos Mancomunados
May 1st 2008 Back to Oaxaca, back in the Hospital
May 3rd 2008
10362 kms: Made it to Villa Hermosa
May 4th 2008
10552 kms: Our Delegation into Zapatista Territory
May 5th 2008
10592 km: Roberto Barrios, "The Caracol That Speaks for All"
May 7th 2008
The Medicinal Plant Nursery- "Just Neem It!"
May 7th 2008
Back in Roberto Barrios to meet with the Health Promoters
May 8th 2008
Ruined in Chiapas- A mystical visit to the ancient Mayan city of Palenque
May 9th 2008
Roberto Barrios and the Hungry Pipe
May 10th 2008
10702 kms: Misol-ha and Tonina - "Off with their heads"
May 11th 2008
10802 kms: San Cristobal - "Hey Rob, Do you want to move to Mexico?'
May 12th 2008
A Caracol called Oventik
May 13th 2008
An Inauguration Celebration in Chu'Chen
May 14th 2008
A Basketball tournament in the steamy misty Chiapas jungle
May 14th 2008
Buying artisan crafts in Magdelena de la Paz
May 15th 2008
Adventures with Mexican Food in San Cristobal
May 16th 2008
Working the Milpa with the Zapatistas
May 17th 2008
Dancing in the streets of San Cristobal
May 18th 2008
Chamula and Goodbye Annette
May 19th 2008
11367 kmís: A chance discovery- the Malpasito Ruins
May 22nd 2008
12172 kms: Sucked into the Tepoztlan TimeWarp
May 27th 2008
12477 kms: The Orbs of Teotihuacan
May 28th 2008
The pyramids of Teotihuacan
May 30th 2008
12716 kms: Queretaro, A Unesco World Heritage Site
Jun 1st 2008
12935 kms: San Miguel de Allende - Cobble stone streets and Cacti
Jun 4th 2008
13307 kms: Real de Catorce - A real ghost town
Jun 9th 2008
14741 kms: Saltillo, Chihuahua and Mexican desert skies
Jun 12th 2008
The Mexican Moustache
Jun 15th 2008
14714 kms: Barranca del Cobre, To Tejaban on Horses
Jun 15th 2008
A little Mexican Horseracing in Creel
Jun 20th 2008
16183 kms: Bandelier National Park, New Mexico
Jun 22nd 2008
16318 kms: How to build an Earthship
Jun 24th 2008
Adventures in Taos
Jun 26th 2008
16785 kms: The Great Colorado Sand Dunes
Jun 29th 2008
17241 kms: Camping in Colorado
Jun 30th 2008
17346 kms: CRMPI - Growing Figs and Bananas in the Rockies
Jul 1st 2008
17431 kms: Sustainable Settings
Jul 3rd 2008
17883 kms: Arches and Canyons in Utah
Jul 7th 2008
20039 kms: Portland- oh yeah!
Jul 7th 2008
20224 kms: Mount Saint Helens

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