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Travel Journal: Danish Folkecenter for Renewable Energy


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Aug 6th 2007 Goodbye Calgary!
Aug 9th 2007
Copenhagen- almost arrested by the fashion police
Aug 15th 2007
Our First week at the Folkecenter
Aug 17th 2007
Trip to the North Sea
Aug 26th 2007
A car powered by wind...
Sep 9th 2007
Windsmithing- Not recommended on a windy day
Sep 12th 2007
The most efficient means of transport...
Sep 17th 2007
Birthday in Berlin
Sep 18th 2007
Husum Wind Energy Conference
Sep 27th 2007
More cycling, wave energy, views from the fjord and John Lennon
Oct 2nd 2007
A week in Bavaria with our german family
Oct 3rd 2007
Oktoberfest. Warning! This blog has nothing to do with Renewable Energy!
Oct 11th 2007
Peak Oil and The Future of Energy
Oct 14th 2007
The most energy efficient buildings in the world - [Updated!]
Oct 26th 2007 Michelle's Whirlwind Sidetrip to Spain
Oct 27th 2007
Wave Power at the Folkecenter and its potential in Canda - Updated!
Oct 27th 2007
The Biodome- Combining aquaculture and gardening is so smart!
Oct 27th 2007
A Wind-Cooled Beer Fridge
Oct 28th 2007
Plant oil engines & plant-based fuels
Oct 30th 2007
Producing Plant Oil Fuel at the Folkecenter
Oct 31st 2007 How to subscribe to our blog...
Oct 31st 2007
Cycling with Thea on a Beautiful Autumn Day
Nov 1st 2007
A Windy Excursion with Rob's Parents
Nov 2nd 2007
An Emerging Wind Industry Amongst the Pyramids
Nov 11th 2007
The High Cost of Low Fuel- Cairo as a Case Study
Nov 12th 2007
Transition to Energy Efficient Supply of Heat and Power
Dec 20th 2007
Biofuels/Agorfuels- Fuelling the World or Fooling the World?
Dec 21st 2007 Do Electric Cars Make Sense in Alberta?
Dec 22nd 2007 Winterburg - Medebach
Dec 24th 2007 Frohe Weihnachten!
Dec 31st 2007 Bonne Annee!
Jan 1st 2008 Ghent(English) - Gent (Dutch) - Gand (French) - Gaunt (former English spelling)
Jan 3rd 2008 Belgium chocolate, waffles and beer!
Jan 4th 2008 schmoke and a pancake?
Jan 18th 2008 Integrating Heat and Power Systems- Towards 100% Renewable Energy
Jan 22nd 2008
Thisted - Model Community in Renewable Energy
Feb 19th 2008 Alberta's Nuclear Complacency

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