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From Pitsanu on Jun 28th, 2012

Well, I just love a well-timed coincidence, as eyrveone who knows me is well aware, and this one is no exception. I did not know all of this wonderful stuff about pears, but it doesn't surprise me, especially since I recently underwent brain surgery to remove an infection that had occurred due to an unfortunate bang on the right temple by a cedar tree branch. I'm much better now, but while convalescing at home I realized that my appetite was somewhat diminished, and not many foods even sounded good to me. Naturally, since eating properly is something that is still very much necessary for my complete recovery and overall continuing health, I was quite happily surprised when my mom showed up with some large pears for me, and the thought of eating one actually aroused some stirrings of appetite. It just downright sounded GOOD to me, and my initial gut (ha ha) reaction turned out to be true. They were indeed delicious, and seemed to contribute greatly to my new level of physical comfort and health. Though I do not know for a fact that all those wonderful attributes of the pear that you mention in your blog, Carolyn, were responsible for an immediate better feeling of overall health, I do suspect as much, and as I mentioned earlier, I certainly like the timing! As I will eventually get around to discussing in my own blog (once my brain is back up to speed) thecoincidencecollector.com, I have a powerful tendency to believe that while coincidences are at least entertaining, they might even be more significant than that, especially when they are well-timed. By the way, I happen to know Carolyn personally, and anytime she has any new advice/information concerning natural remedies, I LISTEN, as she herself is an excellent example of physical health and fitness, likely at least partially due to following her own advice about having a very good diet augmented by home remedies she has carefully researched and experimented with. I know I personally have benefited greatly from advice she has given me about such home remedies over the past few years. Of course, when someone meets her, it also becomes obvious that sheis engaged in regular exercise, certainly a powerful component for health and well-being when combined with the excellent nutrition to which she subscribes. Good going, Carolyn! I sure am glad you've been around to give me advice from time to time about my own health, and that you've finally gotten around to getting this blog going!Galen