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12477 kms: The Orbs of Teotihuacan

Written on: Tuesday May 27th, 2008

A journal entry from: North America in our Camper Van!

When we finally arrived at the village of San Juan Teotihuacan and were safely pulled into our campsite we both let out a sigh of relief. Almost every Mexican city has a by-pass route around it except for the capital, Mexico City. Getting "around" the city was quite the challenge. The city itself is so populated that it pretty much blends in with the surrounding district, in fact, the whole area is usually referred to as the "Districto Federal", or D.F. for short instead. If you considered D.F. to be a city (which it pretty much is), it would be the largest city in the world. We had carefully planned out our route and done several vehicle walk-arounds. The Mexican Federales in D.F are notorious for pulling over foreign plated vehicles, making outrageous claims and requesting fines and compensation. Our friends Chad and Ana, who have a similar Westy, were pulled over because one of the back curtains was closed. We did not want to have to deal with the Federales and therefore double checked everything. Rob pulled out his very best driving behaviour, which had somewhat eroded after 3 months in Mexico. In the end, we had no problems with the Police, but did almost puke when we drove through raw sewage (see video below) and pulled out some hair out when we hit road construction forcing 6 busy lanes of traffic to merge into one. In true Mexican fashion, the only rule that applied to this funnel was: every man for himself.

Returning to the campsite later that evening, after some grocery shopping and time at the internet café, I heard someone say "Hello?" as we opened the campground gate. The nearest door of the building beside the campground entrance was slightly ajar. "Hello?", I responded. The door opened, and looking down I saw a white-haired woman sitting sideways on a skateboard. "My name is Erna, I'm the campground Manager, so nice to meet you". "You must be dutch," Rob commented, "you sound just like my grandmother!". Erna then invited us into her living room and we spent the evening chatting about our story and learning hers. And what a fascinating story it was! Many years ago, Erna was paralyzed from her waist down when she was hit by a car while riding her bike. Then ten years ago, she was diagnosed with cancer and after a major operation, she was told by her doctors that her cancer was terminal. Determined to pursue other treatment she started seeking out non-traditional healers and healing practices. She learnt of the high energy and healing powers of certain places and travelled to Egypt to spend time at the Pyramids. There she met and married an Egyptian healer. They later divorced as the cultural and religious differences were too great. Around 2003 she travelled to Mexico to seek indigenous mayan healers and to visit the famous Teotihuacan. The healers were the first ones to identify and tell her that she too had a gift. Exploring what she had been told, she discovered her own ability to see orbs and communicate with souls. "Orbs are energy forms", she told us, "all I had to do was learn to quiet my mind". Between AD 250 ad AD 600, the Teotihuacan people built a magnificent ceremonial center, including the Pyramid of the Sun, the third largest pyramid ever built, just outside of present day Mexico City. "When I came here the first time, to visit and tap into the energy of the Pyramids, I came to this campground late one night looking to rent a tent, just like we do in Europe," she explained "they told me that the campground did not provide tents!". The couple that owned the campground then offered to set up a bed for her in a small out-building. She stayed for quite some time and became good friends with the Mexican couple. This was now her second visit to Teotihuacan. The campground owner had recently become a widow, and Erna had offered to help manage the campground while the woman went to visit some distant family. We were very impressed with her courage to travel alone despite her disability. We also asked her lots of questions about being a Medium: "How does it work?", "Do you have a spirit guide?", "How do you know that its not your imagination?". We were fascinated, not having ever met anyone before who claimed to have this gift. We spoke all night and as we left Erna gave us some suggestions for visiting the Pyramids the following day, "Make sure before you enter the site that you ask permission to the spirits to receive their energy, but to not receive too much. Also, make sure you find a special spot and sit there for some time to meditate and reflect". We promised her that we would do so as we headed back to our van.


From Chad and Ana on Jul 21st, 2008

Hey guys, good story, good times. We met Erna as well but did not learn of the talents she shared with you. That must have been interesting. Glad you got through Mexico City with no federale troubles. How are you enjoying WA state?