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12172 kms: Sucked into the Tepoztlan TimeWarp

Written on: Thursday May 22nd, 2008

A journal entry from: North America in our Camper Van!

We made it to Tepoztlan after 3 long days of driving. It was such a relief to make it back into the mountains and leave the hot and humid climate of the gulf coast.

The week blurred by. It was really nice to back amongst so many friends. We camped at Willies (the permaculture farm) for the first few nights and took the bus into Mexico City to drop off our camera at the Canon Dealer. Seewa (the dog) was so excited to see us that she insisted on sleeping in our van both nights? we were also glad to have her for fear of another broken window incident. We met up with our friend Elias and helped him in his organic garden on several days. At Huehuecoyotl (the ecovillage) we spent many hours enjoying Tona?s company and making digital copies of some of her fabulous VHS collection. We enjoyed great company and conversation with Liora, Andy, Svante and Juan Carlos (Tona?s neighbours) one evening as we shared wine and stared up from the balcony to the stars. Liora and Andy are also the founders of Gaia University, leading to even more interesting discussions. We stopped in to visit Candida and her family, we discovered a German beer garden in Tepoztlan, went dancing at the local salsa club, visited an acupuncturist who gave us treatment in our van, went shopping at the wonderful weekly market, indulged in the delicious and famous Tepoz Ice Cream, and we were even invited to attend a big birthday bash at the Ecovillage with free food and booze. We attend a few morning yoga classes at Tashirat and visited friends living at the Tashirat yoga community. We made new friends too, and got to know Olga from Spain, Willie?s new WOOFER as well as received a diner invitation from Alejandro and Angelika. Alejandro and Angelika had recently moved to the area from Mexico city and were temporarily renting out a house in Huehuecoyotl. They made a delicious diner and we pulled out the Coca-Cola bottle full of Oaxacan Mezcal. By the end of the night we were glad that the stumble back to our beds in the van was not very far away.

One morning, near the end of our stay, we showed up at Tona?s and she showed us what she had caught in her kitchen the night before. I peered cautiously into the screened end of the metal rectangular box and saw beady black eyes and long whiskers fearfully looking back at me. Now, had this happened six months ago I may have screamed, but having spent a day with Rob?s uncle in San Diego and met and pet and gotten to appreciate his pet rat, I actually felt badly for this frightened little creature. We gave him some water and shoved some bread in his cage as we contemplated what to do with him.

Now, nearly a full week really had come and gone and we knew it was time to hit the road again. Our camera wasn?t done yet, but we still wanted to visit the famous Teotihuacan pyramids on the north side of Mexico City, a 3-4 hour drive away considering the city traffic. And so, we finally packed up our van, said our goodbyes and we hit the road? ?we? being myself, Rob, and the rat that we named ?Touille Two?.