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Adventures with Mexican Food in San Cristobal

Written on: Thursday May 15th, 2008

A journal entry from: North America in our Camper Van!

It must have been my turn. Three months in Mexico, Rob had suffered from traveller?s diarrhea in Mazatlan, spent 3 days in the hospital in Oaxaca, and then developed an awful skin rash in the Chiapas Jungle. In the meantime, I had not even suffered a sun burn.

When I awoke on Thursday morning I hadn?t slept very well. My stomach felt odd, but I suspected that I was just hungry. Then at breakfast I realized that I had no appetite and left my plate for Rob and Annette to finish as I returned to the hotel to lie down. When they re-joined me I insisted that they use the opportunity to do a little ?mother/son in-law bonding?, as I needed to rest and get over whatever had come on. I crossed my fingers that ?it? would pass quickly; we had an invitation to join Hector at his mother?s restaurant in San Cristobal that evening for some authentic Oaxaca-style Mexican food.

When Rob and Annette returned after a day of shopping and visiting the Maya Medicine Museum, I still felt awful and still had no appetite. ?Just go without me,? I groaned. Before they left, Rob convinced me to take an antibiotic and I slept the rest of the evening.


We left Michelle behind and Hector, Apurno and their son Bruno picked us up at the hotel, and drove us to Hectors mother?s house. She lives in a quaint suburban neighbourhood where she runs a small take-out restaurant out of the front of her house. As a take-out joint there are no tables for clients, but we were given executive service and lead to the family dining room table. Hectors sister, brother-in-law and uncle joined us and we soon realized that Hectors mother fed the whole family on a regular basis. When asked what we wanted to eat we replied ?surprise us? and let the chef make the decision.

A few minutes later we were brought the most amazing huarachas (translation: sandals), which were a sandal shape open-faced tortilla with delicious toppings. ?This is the best Mexican food I?ve ever had? Annette claimed, and I had to agree with her.

Hectors mother has been running a restaurant for years, although the take-out restaurant at the front of her house was a relatively new venture. Although only open on Thursday, Friday and Saturday evenings, I could tell that this was a popular hidden jem and destination as locals continued to stream in and out all evening. We were impressed to learn from Hector that as a single mother, she had put Hector and his brother through university with her restaurant businesses.

Looking for the best food in San Cristobal? we?ll post the directions here are soon as we receive them from Hector. Provecho!


From Thea Avis on Jul 8th, 2008

My good friend Hector - a terrible correspondent - but a good friend nevertheless. I love him and thank him and Apurna for their hospitality toward y'all.