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11367 km?s: A chance discovery- the Malpasito Ruins

Written on: Monday May 19th, 2008

A journal entry from: North America in our Camper Van!

Driving away from the airport, we decided to high-tail it back to Tepoztlan. Our video camera was broken (again) and we anticipated that the Canon dealer in Mexico City would need up to one week to do any repairs. Tepoztlan would get us close to Mexico city and provide a good base while we waited for the camera to be fixed. I mapped out the quickest route and we started our 1300 km driving marathon.

Mid-day I spotted a sign for Ruinas (ruins) and Rob and I made a quick decision to stop and check them out. Following the signs we headed off the highway and followed a poorly maintained dirt road until we reached a sign: ?Las Ruinas de Malpasito? and a small empty parking lot. This site was occupied from AD 700- 900 by the mysterious Zoque peoples. Following the footpath we came up to a wooden building. Inside an elderly gentlemen took our 3$ entrance fee and told us to follow the foot path for another 500 meters to get to the ruins. We followed the path through the forested jungle until we reached a flat grassed platform built into the hillside. Below us, the typical Mayan Ball Court, above us, stairs lead up to higher platforms. We climbed the stairs and admired the beautiful vista of the valley and jungle below. Based on a tip from our Lonely Planet guide, we headed down an unmarked path near the top platform and hiked some time to find some petroglyphs and a waterfall. With the steamy heat engulfing us, we couldn?t resist the temptation to take a swim in the refreshing waterfall pool. It was a neat feeling for Rob and I to be alone in the jungle, bathing under a waterfall.