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10802 kms: San Cristobal - "Hey Rob, Do you want to move to Mexico?'

Written on: Sunday May 11th, 2008

A journal entry from: North America in our Camper Van!

{Alright, I realize that you just received an inbox-full of email notifications about all the the blogs I have just posted. This is the last one for today... but I am madly trying to catch up on the last month. Cheers!}

We arrived in San Cristbal de las Casas and found our quaint little hotel in the historical center. We immediately felt drawn to this city, excited to explore and discover it. We followed picturesque cobblestone streets lined with colourful colonial buildings and finally came to a large treed plaza surrounded by even more striking architecture and lavishly decorated churches. The neat shops, restaurants, cafes (yay, organic coffee!), artisan stalls and markets that we saw only confirmed our suspicion that we were going to enjoy our time here.

The city is evidently a favourite travellers spot, but is a little out of the way and so not over-touristy. San Cristbal also serves as the base for many NGO?s and organizations working with the Indigenous attracting many socially-aware travellers and Mexicans. A large artistic scene is flourishing and the quantity of beautiful crafts and artisan items is astonishing. I also sensed a very environmentally-aware scene, with restaurants and cafes promoting organic, clean and tidy streets, and a post-secondary institution named Universitad de la Tierra (University of the Earth). As the city is surrounded by indigenous villages, the cultural influence is evident and the presence of numerous women and children in traditional dress only added to the overall ambience.

We contacted Hector, a friend of Rob?s mother, and he eagerly offered to meet us for coffee on Saturday evening. We spent a lovely evening with Hector and his partner Apurna and received an invitation to come by their house later that week to meet their son and also to visit some of the surrounding villages on the week-end.


From Thea Avis on Jun 27th, 2008

I'm over delighted that you had a chance to meet my dear and charming friend Hector - who helped with my Spanish lessons - and his great English is thanks to me (???). An amazing fellow and I look forward to meeting Apurna.