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10362 kms: Made it to Villa Hermosa

Written on: Saturday May 3rd, 2008

A journal entry from: North America in our Camper Van!

We actually made it. We hit the road by 7 am and drove and drove and drove. The drive through the Sierra Norte was absolutely beautiful. After a short climb over the crest of the Sierra Norte we started to descend through the cloud forest towards the east coast. As we descended, the humidity gradually rose and the temperature climbed until we were both drenched with sweat. At 9 pm we pulled into the Villahermosa Airport and my mother?s flight landed fifteen minutes later. She was surprised and thrilled to see us as we had not anticipated making it on time with Rob's unexpected hospital stay.

We drove into the city to find an air-conditioned hotel room and get ourselves rested and out of the Villahermosa sweat bath. Tomorrow we would drive to Palenque to start a two week adventure into the Mexica Jungle to visit several Zapatista indigenous villages.