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Monte Alban and Airport: Chris' last day in Mexico

Written on: Saturday April 26th, 2008

A journal entry from: North America in our Camper Van!

We decided to wake up bright and early and squeeze in a visit to the famous Monte Alban ruins before bringing Chris to the Airport for his 12 oclock flight.

Monte Alban was first occupied in 500 BC by the Zapotec people and abandoned around 900 AD. The site itself stands atop a mountain and its population reached up to 25,000 people from 300 to 700 AD. This highly organized and priest dominated society built ceremonial complexes, temples, large altars, residential buildings, palaces, lavish pyramids, and hidden tombs. Hieroglyphs carved into the walls record the conquests of other communities and peoples. They had an observatory, used dates and used a dot-and-bar writing system, which has lead archaeologist to believe that they may have been the first people to use writing and a calendar in Mexico.

The site itself was very impressive and the 360 degree views from the ceremonial platforms across Oaxaca city and the valley was breathtaking. Monte Alban was a fantastic site to end our trip with Chris.

Chris, thank-you so much for coming down to meet us, bringing us supplies for our van and helping us troubleshoot the overheating. We hope that you really enjoyed yourself despite the sweltering heat and all the driving. Having you around was great fun and we hope to holiday with you again sometime.

Now that we had an excuse to stick around we decided to take it easy and relax a few days in Oaxaca. We both wanted to get caught up our on website, laundry, reading and all the other travelling necessities, as well as not drive for a few days. We became fast friends with the only other people in our campground, Chad and Ana. They are from Colorado and are travelling in a Westy all the way to South America (Check out their travel journal here). Unfortunately though, when Chris left, the rain came. All the Mexicans kept scratching their heads, as the rainy season had arrived unusually early. And all of our clothes, which Rob had washed by hand and hung out to dry, is only getting wetter.


From Thea Avis on May 14th, 2008

Love the drying rack. Makes the clothes smell so much nicer than using a dryer!!!! The manner in which they are hung - reminds me of gypsies - where would that come from.