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8511 kms: Pie de la Cuesta- And the ants go marching on!

Written on: Monday April 21st, 2008

A journal entry from: North America in our Camper Van!

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We picked up Chris, Rob?s brother, at the Acapulco Airport on Saturday the 19th of April and headed to our camp spot, just north of the city in a town called ?Pie de la Cuesta?. This picturesque village is situated on a narrow strip of land bordered by the ocean on one side and a large lagoon on the other. The campground, located on the lagoon side, was empty when we arrived and so we chose the prime spot along the lagoon and felt as though we had our own private beach. There was one draw back to this camp site however, there were ants everywhere. I did check a few other parking spots, but all had equivalent or worse ant populations and so we decided to stay put. We were glad to have water so close as Acapulco is H-O-T. We thought Tepotzlan was hot, but at least it was dry. Here the heat sticks to you. By the time we arrived at our campground we were all dying to jump in and cool down. Rob was even prepared for his brother?s arrival and had some cold beer on ice. Good man. After enjoying a few brewskis in the lagoon, we decided to hit the ocean beach-side, watch the sunset and find a patio serving margaritas. Yes, yes, tough life. After we?d built up an appetite we headed back to the campground where Rob bbq?d up some Mexican chorizo (spicy sausage) and we sat around enjoying more Mexican beer, visiting and squashing the occasional ant.

The next morning we headed to Acapulco to do some scuba diving. It had been quite a few years since we had all last dove and so we were looking forward to getting back under the water. Did two boat dives and saw lots of great things including a beautiful orange sea-horse, an eagle ray, a lobster, trumpet fish and much more.

Back at our campground that afternoon we headed to some hammocks on the ocean-side that we had spotted the night before. And, well?, we had a few more drinks, relaxed in the hammocks and watched the waves.

We were up early again the next morning as we had a few kilometres to travel to make it to Oaxaca by the end of the week. We packed up the van and headed out. I was sitting in the back working on the laptop when I suddenly noticed something moving on the van floor. When I looked closer I realized that there was actually a steady stream of ants from the cooler, behind the passenger seat, across the van floor, up the side of the back seat and into some undetermined location in the back. There were hundreds of them carrying little pieces of food. ?Rob, pull over, we have an ant colony infestation and they are setting themselves up in the van!?. We pulled everything out, swept away all the ants we could find, brushed everything off, and then decided to keep the cooler in the roof rack. Relieved, we drove off again. An hour later I noticed another steady stream of ants, this time across the bags behind the back seat. They were getting organized again! On one hand I was dreading the thought of an uncontrollable ant infestation, on the other I was really impressed with their ability to coordinate themselves and start building a new home so quickly. I didn?t let my amazement last long, and we were stopped again sweeping, brushing and shaking away every last little ant we could find. We didn?t see the ants again, but Chris did wake up the next morning with the most awful looking inflamed little bites on his knee, which I?ve decided was likely an act of vengeance from the remaining ants right before they decided to abandon the van. Thanks for taking one for the team Chris!