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8011 kms: Goodbye Tepotzlan

Written on: Thursday April 17th, 2008

A journal entry from: North America in our Camper Van!

After four weeks it is time to pack up again, move back into our van and hit the road. We have had such a lovely time in the Tepotzlan valley and most of all have met so many interesting and amazing people, we are truly grateful.

Jackie and Ellie- Thanks for touring us around the farm, showing us the ropes, telling us all the great spots not to miss, and introducing us to other friends. We?ll remember the ?going away? evenings, hanging out, playing cards, great conversation and laughter for hours. You must have enjoyed our company too because you never ended up leaving three times over! We were sad to finally see you go and hope that our paths cross again sometime.

Candida and family ? Thank you for your warm smile, generous spirit and sharing with us true Mexican culture. The cooking lessons, the invitation to the baptism and the hike up the mountain to the Fiesta de la Capilla are all things that we would never have had the opportunity to see or experience. These things have greatly enhanced our appreciation for your beautiful culture and the Mexican people.

Zayan and the good people at Tashirat- Free yoga lessons? We couldn?t have asked for a more perfect way to start our day and to meet people from the neighbourhood. We enjoyed spending time with you and learning about Tashirat, chakras and nutrition. Also, your orphanage is truly an inspiration. The memory of the beautiful and happy children will stay with us for a long time. We hope that your quest to become energy self-sufficient will come to fruition and will pray that the right sponsors come through.

Toņa- If we could change one thing about our stay we would have met you earlier! Thank-you for sharing so many wonderful stories about your travelling gypsy theatre, the establishment of your ecovillage and the back-to-the-land movement of the 70?s. Thank-you for touring us around your beautiful ecological home and Huehuecoytl. And thank-you most of all for your advice, your words of wisdom and your friendship.

Andres- Thank-you for helping us to rediscover and explore the more spiritual side to nature and of ourselves. The temascal (traditional sweat lodge) that you hosted for us will certainly be a highlight of the entire journey.

Elias- We would have needed many many more months to fully extract all the information in your brain about sustainable agriculture, organic gardening, composting, and general self-sufficiency. We are sad that it didn?t work out for us to help you in your garden (although we still don?t really believe that you work there). It would be fun to put on that plant oil workshop with you and so we will be in touch when we start driving north again. All the best with your travels through Europe, and if for any reason you end up detouring through Canada we would love to be your hosts.

Jonathan (from Ontario) and Nomi (from Israel)- A chance encounter with the two of you, when you stopped in a the farm to meet Huile, turned into a fun exchange and evening of great food, conversation, laughter, guitar playing, drumming and signing. Your insights into meditation have been thought-provoking for Rob and I and we will likely follow your advice and find a Vipassanah retreat when we travel back north again. All the best to the both of you.

Lasse and Signe ? How fun it was to run into the two of you and discover that you were from Denmark, not far from where we lived when we were there. It was wonderful to reminisce about your beautiful country and it reminded us of how much we enjoyed our time there. Thank-you also for letting us camp in your backyard and spend our last evening with the two of you. We certainly plan on visiting Denmark again one day and are happy to have more connections and people to visit.

And last, but not least, to Granja Tixib: Huile, Marisella & Seewa ? The four weeks we spent at the farm absolutely flew by. We are grateful to have had the opportunity to hang out and really get a feel for this wonderful region and meet such great people. The intro to Permaculture principles that we were exposed to at your farm only convinced us that we want to learn more; we?ve even signed up for a 3 week long course at the end of our trip in the San Juan Islands in Washington State. We wish you all the best with the continued evolution of your demonstration farm project and the opening of your new store.

And to the many others who played a small role in enhancing our experience: the friendly woman in Tepotzlan who made the most delicious home-made yogurt, the next-door neighbour children who would always greet us, the woman with the Tortilla Stand near Elias? house with the best mushroom quesadillas, the kind lady at the Ocotitlan corner store who sold us cold beer?. the list could go on and on.

May the kindnest and warmth that you all showed to us be returned to you ten times over.

Rob and Michelle


From Sloan on Apr 28th, 2008

I`m so happy for you both, that sounds like such an amazing and perfectly fitting experience for you both. Might I just close by saying how much I love hippies and how awesome it is that you managed to find nearly all of them haha.