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7155 kms: Welcome to Granja Tixib!

Written on: Monday March 17th, 2008

A journal entry from: North America in our Camper Van!

We arrived at Granja Tixib on Monday morning, the 17th of April. ?Granja? means farm. ?Tixib? is a Mayan word meaning ?at the end of the rainbow?. Here we will be spending the next few weeks. What are we doing here? Good question. The answer first needs some background.

Rob and I have attempted to focus our travels on sustainability. Exposed to the concept of peak oil and believers in the prediction of an upcoming energy crisis, we felt it necessary to explore solutions and alternatives for our heavily fossil-energy dependant and addicted society? as well as for ourselves.

We spent the first six months in Europe at the Nordic Folkecenter for Renewable Energy, a non-profit organization specializing in renewable energy systems (click here to see our renewable energy blog). With that experience under our belt we felt that the next logical progression would be to learn more about permaculture. Permaculture, coined by two Australians in the mid 70?s, is a combination of permanent agriculture as well as permanent culture. We first learnt about permaculture several years ago and were excited about the design principles and approach that it offered to designing settlements and agricultural systems.

The Regenerative Design Institute in California is one of many permaculture teaching centers. I mention them because they have a great short movie clip introducing permaculture that I?ve decided to include here. I really like the quote that permaculture is ?Learn[ing] how to design how we live that has the stability and resiliency of a natural ecosystem.?

Granja Tixib is a farm designed using permaculture principles. We have volunteered through a program called WWOOF (Willing Workers on Organic Farms) and will be working, learning, and observing everything we can over the next four weeks?. And of course, writing blogs to share with you the all of the exciting things that we learn.

Stay tuned?


From Jessica on Apr 3rd, 2008

Wow you guys, what an amazing expedition so far! Very inspiring for your readers as always - keeping us thinking of how we can minimize our impact, and how to start up our own voyages big or small.

From Huile on May 4th, 2008

Michelle, Rob, You are the best! Your visit to Granja Tixib is one of the most productive we´ve ever had, we are very very thakfull for it. We love the blog and we love you. omata kuoyasim for all of our relations