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5749 kms: Mazatlan, Rob gets a very warm welcome to to the mainland

Written on: Monday March 10th, 2008

A journal entry from: North America in our Camper Van!

Yesterday morning the ferry arrived in Mazatlan. Thankfully the seas were especially calm, Rob and I felt fine and rested. It took some time to get the ferry docked and unloaded but by 10 am we were in the Ferry terminal parking lot. The historical center called ?Old Mazatlan? was within walking distance from the terminal and so we got permission from the ferry terminal security guards to leave the van parked in the fenced-in lot for the morning so that we could explore the city on foot. We were hoping to find an internet café and pick up a few groceries. However, being Sunday morning most of the city was quiet and the shops were closed. We came across a street vendor who was selling fresh squeezed orange juice for 10 cents a glass. It was the best orange juice we had both ever had. Then we came around a corner and stumbled across a very bustling street and market. It was fun to explore the market and afterwards we found ourselves a small restaurant on the second floor. Rob tried pescado zarandeado, a charcoal-broiled fish stuffed with onions, tomatoes, peppers and spices. I ordered sopa mariscos (seafood soup). Both were delicious and cost us a total of 7$.

Later that afternoon we made it back to the ferry terminal to pick up the van and head for a campsite. It turns out that all of the nearby campsites are located in the Zona Dorada, the tourist hub, a little north of the city itself. We found a campground at the far end and it still cost 20$/night, a significant climb from the $5-6 that we were used to. However, the campground itself is located right on the beach and we came to realize why this place was such a tourist playground- the beaches are very, very nice.

Unsure whether or not we should stay for another day or hit the road, the decision was made for us. That evening, while enjoying a beer with some neighbouring campers, Rob suddenly felt quite ill. He left to head back to the van and I followed shortly thereafter to check up on him. He was already huddled in the fetal position on the pull-out bed. He was sweaty, but had the chills and had been sick several times already. Ohhh no. What I feared most. Rob had come down with a case of TD.


Rob stayed in bed all day today. I gave him some antibiotics in the morning, which seemed to have helped, but he has been extremely groggy, tired and has had quite the headache all day. There wasn?t much I could do (he seemed happier when we was sleeping) and so I had no choice but to spend the day on the beach reading a book. By the evening Rob was able to eat a little something, some soup and fruit but he was back asleep again by 6 pm. I suspect he?ll be down until the morning. It has not been a good last few days for Rob, with the motion sickness from the Ferry and now this. He was complaining of being extremely stiff and sore (no wonder since he?s spent more than ¾ of the last three days on his back). But I?m positive that with the improvements I saw today Rob will be back to himself tomorrow.


From Annette on Mar 11th, 2008

Heh Michelle, I'm noticing that a ton of people are checking this latest post but not going back to the previous 3 journal entries that you uploaded today.. folks the best are the last 3 stories.. go check them out the top bar allows you to easily navigate back!

From Megs on Mar 12th, 2008

hi guys I hope rob is feeling better, I was sick last week too. Sounds like your havinga good time despite that!!!

From Adam on Mar 14th, 2008

Nice one, guys. Somehow, Moctezuma gets all the whities in Mazatlan (me included). Awesome blog... I'm so jealous! Still finding grease?

From Brian V. on Mar 23rd, 2008

I have just caught up reading about your journey. It sounds and looks like you and Michelle are having an incredible adventure. I was deeply moved by your encounter with the whales thanks to your video. I can only imagine what it must have felt like actually being there. Rob nice plant pictures.... Hope you are feeling better

From Sloan on Mar 24th, 2008

My bro was flattened by a case of the OJ street vendors before, was out for a week, but you had no problems? Must be your superior genetic makeup. hehe I`m glad Rob is doing better!!

From Nicolaj on Mar 28th, 2008

Dear Rob and Michelle, I hope you are fine? It has been a long time since we have heard any news. Warm greetings from your Danish brother.

From Dick Simons on Mar 28th, 2008

Hi Guys, hope all is well reading this. Great sory and great pictures. Reading this I realize your far away but it's a small world so let's take care of it!