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5126 kms: Playa Coyote- Would you like me to pee on your foot?

Written on: Friday March 7th, 2008

A journal entry from: North America in our Camper Van!

It?s hard to believe but the destinations just keep getting better. Yesterday, after several days of driving through desert we arrived at a phenomenal beach called Playa Coyote, in the Bahia Conception (Bay of Conception) on the east side of the peninsula. We found ourselves a great spot along the beach and immediately threw on our bathing suits and grabbed our snorkelling gear.

Several nights back someone we had met at the Santa Rosalia Campsite had told us that if we decided to go swimming that we had to watch out for sting rays. ?Shuffle your feet in the sand as you walk, to scare them away?. He also told us what to do if someone got stung: ?Put your foot in as hot of water bearable, and add some ammonia to the water. If you don?t have ammonia, you can use urine?.

We had a great time in the water and found some clams to enjoy that evening. Gilles and Rob found a sting ray while snorkelling and took some photos, but made sure to stay back. Anyhow, I climbed out of the water early to bath in the sun and I remember looking up after hearing some commotion near the van. Gilles was limping around and explained that as he was coming into shore he stepped on something and immediately felt a sharp pain in his foot. ?Someone please bring me the tequila!? and I proceeded to watch my brother chug straight from the bottle. He was obviously in a lot of pain as I?ve never seen him do that before. ?Gilles, I was just thinking of going to the bathroom, do you want me to pee in a cup for you?? or do you want me to pee straight on your foot?? (yes, yes, it was bad of me to be having some fun at the expense of my brother who was in pain.. but it was funny to think about actually pee-ing on him). Gilles grumbled, ?thank-you very much, but I think I?d rather use my own pee. Can you bring me a pot??. Well, there was no way I was letting my brother pee in one of my cooking pots, so I looked around and found a Frisbee. After Gilles had his foot marinating in the upside-down Frisbee, Rob returned from talking to the neighbour. ?They neighbour says that if you were stung by a sting ray it would hurt so bad that you wouldn?t be able to think and your leg would feel paralyzed. I think it?s more likely that you stepped on a sea urchin?. Gilles decided to continue marinating his foot regardless, in the chance that ammonia had the same effect on sea urchin stings. And so you have to picture this: Gilles, sitting on a little stool, chugging back a bottle of Mexican tequila with one foot planted in an upside-down Frisbee full of urine. Actually, you don?t have to picture it because I took one. Here it is?too funny.

That evening we enjoyed our snorkelling efforts and ate clams cooked over coals (Gilles? foot did stop hurting after a while). We sat around the campfire for most of the night, finished the bottle of tequila and admired the stars.

We switched campsites the second night, only because the wind really picked up and we found a small walled beach hut that we could camp besides. We hiked an hour and a half over a crest to a secluded bay in attempt to find some scallops. Unfortunately the water was a little too murky to see anything and do we gave up early. On the way there Rob saw an interesting looking plant, ?hey, I think that this is a cactus fruit tree!? as he went to grab one of the little bulbs. Kristin went over and grabbed two from the tree, and then handed one to Gilles. As Gilles grabbed it he noticed that it was covered in miniscule quills and they all started yelping in pain at the same time. Kristin?s and especially Rob?s fingers were covered. I remember Rob half pouting, half laughing: ?It feels like little fibreglass razor blades cutting into my fingers!?. Good thing for Rob?s Swiss Army Knife (thanks mom!) as it had a set of tweezers. I proceeded to attempt to pull the minuscule quills out one by one. It was really tricky as the quills were hard to see, barbed and there were so many of them. Those little buggers could really cling. I tried to bush a few off with my fingers but the quills just ended up stuck in my skin. Another lesson learnt: do not touch any plant in the desert. Albeit the cactus episode and no success with the scallops, the views from the hike made it all worthwhile. Upon our return Gilles and Kristin cooked up a fantastic diner to end the second evening at Playa Coyote. We all agreed that this was the type of place that one could come to and easily spend several weeks here. However, with the sea urchin incident on the first day and the cactus incident on the second our track record at Playa Coyote wasn?t looking so good. Although we are sad to leave this beautiful place perhaps it is a good thing that we must leave tomorrow morning for La Paz to catch the ferry.


From Annette on Mar 11th, 2008

I knew Gilles would provide some excitement and laughs for you while travelling but I had no idea he would provide me with this kind of a howl this afternoon... loved the story and I can really appreciate it spite of my laughter how much pain he must have been in as I too know his high pain threshold. Glad that the tweezers on the Swiss Army knife came in handy. You all definitely now have a Baja beach visit with a lot of funny and slightly painful stories to it!

From Sloan on Mar 24th, 2008

hahaahah How funny is that that traveling turns the statement `Would you like me to pee on your foot?` into just another regular conversation, another day at the beach. Lovely!! It`s also the same treatment for jelly fish, but the pain isn`t quite that requiring tequila.