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4771 kms: Laguna Ojo de Liebre- Cactuses or Cacti?

Written on: Monday March 3rd, 2008

A journal entry from: North America in our Camper Van!

In attempt to get us past the halfway point on the peninsula and into the Baja California Sur, we got back on the highway today. Most of the drive was travelling through the rest of the Parque National del Desierto Central de Baja California, basically a long, un-inhabited stretch of desert covered in fascinating boulders, interesting and exotic plants and cactuses, cactuses and more cactuses?. Or is it cacti?? We couldn?t decide. 

Anyhow, yesterday (before arriving at Catavina) we drove straight through a quaint little village called El Rosario, and I remembered asking Rob: ?Hey, do we need gas??. He looked down at his gauge and said no. As we got on the road this morning, Rob mentioned to me that we should fill up at the next town. I decided to see what our handy Camping Mexico guide had to say. What I read was this: It is important to gas up in El Rosario because gas stations are unreliable from there almost to Guerrero Negro, about 353 km south. This section is known to many as the ?gas gap?. Hmmm, another case of ?maybe I should have read that yesterday?.?. Not too big of a concern though, as we had received a thoughtful gift prior to leaving on our trip- a 15 litre jug of canola oil (Thanks Leah!).          

Another interesting event was our third military check stop. This time we were asked to exit the vehicle so that they could perform a search. Five or six officers walked around the vehicle tapping on panels while one proceeded to enter and open every cubby-hole, cabinet and seat. It only took about five minutes, I suspect that it was more of a procedural things as they were not looking very hard. Off we went. 

In Guerrero Negro we stopped to refill on water, fruits, veggies and of course, beer. We are being extremely careful with our water and food in fear of catching a case of TD (traveller?s diarrhea that is).  All of our fruits and veggies are first bathed in a disinfectant solution and Rob is starting to roll his eyes at the amount of hand sanitizer that I am pushing. I just can?t imagine trying to deal with something like that and being on the road as much as we need to be.

The campground that we chose for this evening is on the edge of the Laguna Ojo Liebre, a nationally protected lagoon, famous because of the gray whales that come to give birth in its warm and shallow waters between the months of December and April. We happen to be here at the perfect time for a whale watching expedition, which we plan to organize tomorrow morning. Again, the campground is nearly deserted. Best of all is that from our camp spot, using a pair of binoculars, we could actually see the whales playing around, blowing water into the air, splashing their tales and even jumping out of the water. A spectacular sunset ended the evening.                                                    


From Meghan on Mar 4th, 2008

hey Looks like your having fun. I thought it was just 2 of you going. Who are the other 2 ppl in that pone picture?

From Colin&Alayna on Mar 4th, 2008

Much like parts of our trip.....a lot of fun! footstops.com/cgreen

From BrianT on Mar 5th, 2008

Glad to see you made it this far with little trouble. I started on a similar trip over 30 years ago, headed to Ensenada on a motorcycle, but made it only to SanFrancisco before a serious breakage. But what a spectacular trip you are having. 2 questions - have you scrounged any used oil so far? is Wilson named after the basketball in the film Castaway? ;-)

From Sloan on Mar 24th, 2008

Amazing photos. And I`m sure disconcerting check stops, I was uncomfortable enough when on a public bus with minimal inspection. Glad you guys are having no troubles though. And I vote Cacti.