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3838 kms: Now we are Four Amigos

Written on: Thursday February 28th, 2008

A journal entry from: North America in our Camper Van!

We picked up my brother Gilles and his girlfriend Kristin at the San Diego Airport this morning. Gilles and Kristin will be travelling with us all the way down the Baja Peninsula, a 9 day 1300 km trip. We headed to Rob?s uncles house (also in San Diego) to spend the evening with family as it happened to be Rob?s cousins birthday. I had only met Rob?s uncle Graham and aunt Wendy once, at our wedding several years ago now. They were very hospitable and we had a nice evening. We were especially enamoured with their pet rat, Touille (from Ratatouille). I was surprised with how friendly and cuddly he was. I even decided that his tail was kind of cute, like a little monkey tail. I wonder if my mother would be willing to cat-sit and rat-sit for us?.


From Annette on Mar 4th, 2008

Guido may have the biggest say about that....I'll call Kate and have her ask him!