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1795 km's: Corvallis, Home of Oregon State University

Written on: Saturday February 23rd, 2008

A journal entry from: North America in our Camper Van!

Michelle and I spent an evening in Corvallis, home of Oregon State University, hanging out with Jesse, an engineering student we met at the Folkecenter in Denmark. After a tour of the University and a delicious meal at a very unique vegetarian restaurant we went to the ?orange store? (a large building painted orange) with one the best beer collections that I?ve seen in a long time. I was especially pleased to see such a large collection of local and artisan beers from micro-breweries. We decided to embark on a tasting tour of the region and left the store with an assorted dozen.

The next day Jesse took us to the University of Oregon Student Sustainability Center (SSC). The SSC is a small house on the edge of campus that some students have renovated and turned into an office, meeting place and demonstration center. Here they showcase environmentally friendly products such as low flow toilets, low VOC paints, high efficiency lights, unique gardening techniques, vermiculture (worm composting), composting greenhouses, etc. They are in the process of building up a library and show documentaries pertaining to issues such as renewable energy, peak oil, climate change and sustainable living. The organization is especially active on the political front and regularly lobbies the state regarding climate, environmental and energy issues. Jesse volunteers with the organization and started a group called Renewable Energy Action, which operates through the organization. Michelle and I were very impressed with what these students are doing and pleased to see the University taking such a supportive role. Another fantastic idea to bring back home.

Oregon is a wonderful state which reminds us a lot of British Columbia. The state is full of trees, mountains and an overall environmentally-conscious population. There appears to be a large grassroots movement here dealing with all sorts of environmental and energy issues. Already we have heard of a non-profit lumber mill which is harvesting wood sustainably and reinvesting the profits into rebuilding the forest with multi-species trees instead of a monoculture forest. At the same time this initiative is revitalizing a small ghost town and re-localizing people.


From Charisse on Feb 27th, 2008

Only what..5 days on the road!?..and you guys have already seen and experienced such interesting things! Sounds like it's gonna be the ride of your life! Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy! Oh how i am jealous ; ) Looking forward to following the two of you on your journey with your updates! Je vous souhaite le plus merveilleux des voyages!