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Alberta's Nuclear Complacency

Written on: Tuesday February 19th, 2008

It?s hard to believe, but Rob and I finished our six month internship at the Nordic Folkecenter and have been back in Canada for just over two weeks. We spent the two weeks in a mad rush to prepare for part II of our sabbatical- six months of travelling through the US, Mexico and Canada in our Westfalia Camper van. We are going to start a new travel journal for that trip (click here).

There are so many more energy topics that we wanted to cover in this renewable energy travel journal, but did not find the time to finish the articles while in Denmark. The topics include high efficiency diesel cars, straw bale construction, earth ?sheltered buildings, biogas, how to build a thermal solar panel, hydrogen and nuclear power among others. And so, we have decided to maintain and continue adding articles as we find time and inspiration.

It did not take long once we returned to Alberta to find inspiration. Rob found himself answering the door bell yesterday and facing the conservative party candidate for our riding. When asked what issues were of importance to us, Rob immediately expressed that we are deeply concerned that there appears to be increasing momentum in Alberta towards nuclear power. The candidate?s response shocked us; he said that in over two days of door-to-door campaigning, Rob was only the 2nd person to bring up nuclear as an issue. After the candidate left Rob and I then spent some time discussing what could be going on. How can this not be a serious issue in the upcoming provincial election? Has the general public actually bought the false claim that this is a clean energy source? Or perhaps Albertans don?t care? Where does this general public complacency come from?

My next goal has therefore become to write a compelling and conclusive argument outlining why Albertans should oppose nuclear power in our province- there are much cleaner, much cheaper, much safer and much more ethical options!! Stay tuned, I will post it as soon as possible.

In the meantime, make sure you check Nuclear Free Alberta?s website, sign up for their newsletter and perhaps even attend an upcoming talk.