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1042 km's: Made it through the Rockies!

Written on: Tuesday February 19th, 2008

A journal entry from: North America in our Camper Van!

Today Rob and I started our six month journey through Canada, the US and Mexico in our pure plant oil burning westy. We left Calgary at 6 am (ish) and arrived in White Rock BC, just north of the US border at 8 pm. It was a long day but we were glad the sun was shining and the roads were dry.... our vehicle is not really winterized.

I should perhaps introduce the star of the show- Wilson, our westfalia camper van. Rob and I have poured two years of blood, sweat and grease into this high maintenance beast. Prep for this trip included a transmission rebuild, new injectors, new turbo, new glow plugs, new radiator, new coolant hoses, new wheel bearings, new tires, new rear axles, new suspension, new brakes, new brake lines, new master and slave cylinder, several new clutches (we're now experts at replacing this), new exhaust, new air intake, new apholstry, new HID lights, and to to top it all off, a new paint job!!! I haven't actually listed it all off like this before and am even amazed myself.

The most interesting part perhaps is that Rob retrofitted this diesel with a second fuel system so that it can also burn pure plant oil. You bet- we'll be stopping in at a few restaurants on our way down to try and get some free fuel.

Despite all this work we did not make it through the day with no failures.... ahh, the joy of owning a Westfalia. The dash board lights seem to have failed (Rob couldn't tell what speed he was going when it got dark.... not like he could speed if he wanted to) and the fan switch lost levels 1 and 2. Now we can only turn to fan to 0 (off) or 3 (max).

Off to bed now so that we can wake up early, finish consuming all of our fruits and veggies (the border agents will makes us throw them out) and hit the border before it gets busy.


From Annette on Feb 20th, 2008

1000 km's down... 24,000 to go!! Glad to hear that you're safely in White Rock and found power and an internet connection. Safe travels southward looking forward to the adventure ahead!! Go Wilson Go!!

From Brian Taylor on Mar 1st, 2008

re: fan switch, hi speed only - a common problem, it is a burned out resistor, usually located in the air duct to keep it cool, cost under $100 in most cars.