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Oktoberfest. Warning! This blog has nothing to do with Renewable Energy!

Written on: Wednesday October 3rd, 2007

We had a really great time at Oktoberfest.

Gilles, Rob and I took to the train into Munich on Monday October 1st, to check things out. Ten hours, two roasted chickens, twelve steins, eleven and a half liters of beer (to account for the half stein that Gilles poured on the ground), one roller coaster ride, four bavarian beer tents and four pretzles later: we barely found our way home.

I think the neatest part was meeting people from around the world. I was grateful to have a few languages, spoke english with some germans that we met, followed by french with some Italians, and then attempted to pull out some of my limited spanish with a German dude. In fact, I think that the beer really helped my language skills!

We decided to return on Wednesday (after spending Tuesday recovering) with our German friends, Martin and Christine. Oktoberfest was fun, but Oktoberfest with locals- fantastic! Especially when one of then is wearing lederhosen.

Here's a short video clip that Rob took to give you an idea of what is was like inside the beer tent.

I should mention that this was taken at 3 oclock in the afternoon!



From Jessica on Oct 11th, 2007

That looks awesome guys - I think we need more festivals like that over here. I saw the write up about you in Friday's Calgary Herald - really great!

From Annette on Oct 12th, 2007

Eine,zwei,drei prost! Hope you had one for me!