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A week in Bavaria with our german family

Written on: Tuesday October 2nd, 2007

Last week we traveled to Bavaria, in Southern Germany, to spend a week with our adopted German family, the Lieperts and the Kastners. It also "happened" to be Norberts 40th birthday and in nearby Munich, Oktoberfest. What good timing!

My brother Gilles decided to join us, and flew from Edmonton to Germany to join us for the week.

We know Christine from 20 years ago, when she came to Canada and was an Au-Pair for my family. She was 18 and I was 8. Her brother Martin also did a farm exchange program and worked on my uncles hog farm in Saskatchewan for a year. Our families have remained close ever since.

We had a great week with the Lieperts and the Kastners with much beer drinking, eating, beer drinking, eating, beer drinking.... did we do anything else? All Rob and I know is that we are glad to be back to a nearly vegetarian diet and have sworn off beer, at least for a week.

Norbert works for MAN Diesel, a supplier of large diesel engines for marine propulsion and one of the leading suppliers of diesel power plants and turbochargers. They have also built the largest diesel engine on earth with an output of almost 100MW! Norbert arranged for a tour of their factory and facility, a huge complex covering numerous city blocks with many buildings. Of particular historical interest is that the world?s first diesel engine, developed by Rudolf Diesel, was built in one of the existing buildings. That first engine is on display in their museum and we got to see it! That engine is the beginning of diesel engine history. We were both very excited (can you tell we are engineers?). We toured through the complete production of the diesel engines, from casting of the metal engine blocks, machining, component installation and final power output and emission testing.

Norberts 40th birthday party was a blast and over 70 people came to help consume a rotisserie pig and a keg of beer.

We also attended a Renewable Energy Expo in Augsburg and a 200kW farm biogas facility, owned by a good farmer-friend of Martin. I plan to write a separate blogs about both of these in the near future?. (by the way Gilles, if you are reading this could you please send me your photos??).



From Annette on Oct 12th, 2007

Okay, so I'm definitely not missing the next party! Looks like it was as usual a lot of work but a ton of fun!