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More cycling, wave energy, views from the fjord and John Lennon

Written on: Thursday September 27th, 2007

The title pretty much sums up our week.


I supose John Lennon may seem a little out of place.  


The story here is that John Lennon actually came and spent a month in the very rural region of Denmark (called Thy) that we are currently living in- back in 1970. He came with Yoko Ono. Anyways, to make a long story short, they basically came because of Yoko's ex-husband and daughter, who were living in the area at the time. John became good friends with Aage Rosendal Nielsen, who was running a University called the New Experiment College. The interesting part of the story is that Preben, the founder of the Folkecenter, was also very much involved with the New Experiment College at the time, and a good friend of Aage. So Preben met John Lennon! Preben is in Argentina at a conference right now and I'm sooo curious to ask him what John Lennon was like. I'll now have to wait until we get back from Oktoberfest in a week from now. 

Anyhow, what brought all of this up is that two playrights and and actress spent a few nights at the Folkecenter this week as they were doing research for a new play in Copenhagen about the time John spent in Thy.  




From Heather MacAulay on Oct 1st, 2007

Hey - six degrees of seperation and John Lennon - you're in the game! I can't wait to hear what this fellow has to say about Lennon! Happy belated birthday! I've been in NFLD - one month turned into two and I celebrated my birthday there - coincidentally it is Sept 18 .. ... hmm. Sounds like it is a great trip! If you are near Muenster be sure to connect with out solarnet friends - Carina is great - she hung out in HFX for a week. Her Skype profile is carisafari... the other option is her partner Janusz Hamerski if you can't contact her - his contact info is just his name.

From Tang Lee on Oct 3rd, 2007

Hi Michelle and Rob; Looks like a great trip. Love the scenery, very peaceful and relaxing. The wind turbines are great inspirations to putting some here in Alberta. Have a good time and download your pictures. Tang