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Written on: Wednesday September 12th, 2007

When we first got to Copenhagen we were shocked that there were more bikes then cars... and coming from Calgary (a city designed for cars) this was very impressive. We both knew right away that we were going to need bikes in order to blend in with the locals so we set off to figure out how we were going to get mobile. When we first arrived at the Folkecenter we found some antiquated bicycles that were in desperate need of repair. Michelle got her work gloves on and went to work on the only bike that looked like it had some potential. After spending several hours on the bike we determined that we were going to need some new parts, so we brought the bike into the local bike shop and asked the shop owner, Pere, to have a look at it. Pere did not speak a lot of English but he knew how to say: ?Shit bike, don?t spend money?. We decided to then start seriously looking about buying a couple of bikes that might provide us with some efficient and fast transport. Michelle had always wanted a road bike anyways, and after a couple of road tests we decided on a set of Fuji bikes. Pere gave us a great deal- I suppose that is the advantage of buying a bike at the end of the Danish season. Considering that Michelle cycles through the snow in the winter time in Calgary we figured that we?ll ride straight through their ?winter?, they may think we are crazy!

So far we are having a great time on these bikes and we are really enjoying the nearby scenario around the Fjord. There are over 10 000 km of cycle routes in Denmark, and we?ve been told that we happen to live in one of the most beautiful regions for cycling. Most routes are flat of slightly highly, nothing compared to the hill on Edmonton Trail! Michelle also bought an odometer for her bike and we?ve already ridden almost 200 kms.

It is also pretty amazing to realize that a road bike is basically the most efficient means of transportation. Feed me a piece of steak and I can travel almost 20 km?s averaging about 25 km/hour. I even hit a top speed of 55 km/hr which I think I can beat if I buy a taller ring gear in the front and shorter ones in the back. No fossil fuels required.

Last weekend we participated in a 24 hour cancer relay in the nearby city of Holstebro and both Michelle and I brought our bikes. We were asked to ride for 4 hours over intermitted intervals over a 24 hour period. When we arrived in Holstebro we discovered that the track surface was being refinished and that the whole track was red dirt. Like true Canadian troopers we set off to try using road bikes on a dirt surface. It worked for a while but with all of the wind and dust our chains became completely clogged up with dirt. My bike decided to send me a strong message and the rear tire promptly deflated after the second hour of biking. All in all we had a good time, met some interesting people, and raised money for a good cause.

Enjoy the photos of cycling in Denmark!


From Jessica Kupper on Sep 20th, 2007

Hey guys - great website! It sounds like you are having a fantastic time out there... we miss you, but the raclette is keeping us company while you are away... ;)

From Annette St. Cyr on Sep 21st, 2007

Hi! Loved the pictures, that panoramic view is quite impressive! Happy trails wherever your bikes take you and looking forward to hearing about Berlin and the Wind conference!

From Spencer on Sep 27th, 2007

Ravis, I noticed you weren't even holding a beverage in one of your photos. Please mate, you're letting us down. See you in December.