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Trip to the North Sea

Written on: Friday August 17th, 2007

Today we visited three coastal villages, all within an hour drive from the Folkecenter.

Vorupør is the largest and liveliest of the resort beaches in Thy (the region of Denmark that we are in). We were surprised by the number of surfers and strolled the beach looking at the many fishing boats pulled up onto the beach with a hydraulic winch.

We happened across Vansgå somewhat by accident, and this was the loveliest of the places we have been in Denmark as of yet. The soft white sand stretched out in both directions as far as we could see. I believe the beach is over 60 km's long. We had not brought our bathing suits but the still attempted to play around in the water...

Hanstholm is one of Denmarks´s largest consumer fish harbours. We walked along the harbour pier looking at boats and watched two gigantic ferries arrriving from Norway navigate their way through the harbour.


From Christian and Kerstin on Aug 19th, 2007

Hi guys, how's it goin'? Here's Christian and Kerstin! Just read your profile and hey, if you wanna see the factory of Westfalia, just ask me. I know a guy who is working there and he can guide you through the company. But I guess he can't say anything to your great green machine! :) Well Aachen is not exactly on the way to Munich, but as I said to Michelle, if you wanna come by, you'll have a place to stay here with us. We just met Rich and Nat a couple of weeks ago - they were traveling through Austria and so on as you may know... :) Was pretty cool! Anyway, hope you have a good time in denmark! See ya and bye bye! c

From Annette St. Cyr on Aug 20th, 2007

Enjoyed checking out the beginnings of your journal...looking forward to reading every entry!slichour

From Marc Hannotte on Oct 14th, 2007

Hey there, on a Danish beach, bathing suits are completely optional you know!!!

From Betty on Oct 14th, 2011

If my problem was a Death Star, this article is a phootn torpedo.