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Our First week at the Folkecenter

Written on: Wednesday August 15th, 2007

Probably the best way to get a feel for the place we are staying at is to check out the virtual tour on the Folkecenter website: http://www.folkecenter.net/gb/tour/

For now, the main building is where we spend most of time. We both have offices there. There is a fantastic library overflowing with information on all types of renewable energies, a visitors center at the front entrance and in the back of the building is located the shared kitchen and dining room.

Currently there are five trainees here fulltime. Rob and I, an engineering student from California (Jessie) and two engineering students from France. Among the staff living at the Folkecenter there is Preben and Jane (the directors of the Folkecenter), Tupac, a ex-Cuban with Spanish citizenship, is the lead Engineer. Lastly, Sergio, who coordinates the World Wind Energy Institute (http://www.wwei.nu/) is from Spain. Currently we also have a visiting professor from Cuba who is working closely with Tupac to develop a proposal for the Cuban government to install wind turbines using Folkecenter technology. There are also another 4-5 danish staff here during the day time.

While most trainees live in the residence attached to the main building, Rob and I were given a room in the guesthouse. The guesthouse is actually not on the Folkecenter grounds and is about a 2 minute walk away. Our room is huge and and soon as we arrived I spent half an hour moving furniture around making everything really homie. There are seven bedrooms in the guesthouse, but only one other is occupied currently. Tupac's wife and newbornchild are visiting from Spain for several months. They are also living in the guesthouse while they are here. There is a full kitchen, a living room and two bathrooms.

During the day there are always many visitors passing through the Folkecenter. Some even stay over night. It is fantastic to meet people from around the world, escpecially since many of the overnight guests are involved with renewable energy in their home countries and have come specifically to Denmark to see the Folkecenter.

We all take turns cooking communal dinners throughout the week. With all the different cultures and background we certainly eat a varied menu. Diner conversation is always very stimulating and interesting.

I've attached a few photos from the grounds here with captions, and plan to describe each building and some of the demonstration techonologies that they have here in further detail in future blogs....


From Allain St. Cyr on Aug 20th, 2007

Great to hear from you. Checking out your Viking ancestry, I see (well Norman really)..but the same people. lol. Those Vikings sure new how to get around.