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Copenhagen- almost arrested by the fashion police

Written on: Thursday August 9th, 2007

We arrived in Copenhagen on Tuesday August 7th, weary from our overnight flight and discovered that the city was about to be overrun by hundreds of skinny runway models, thousands of beautiful people, and tons of supporting media, journalists and fashion enthusiasts from around the world. We luckily found a hostel near the train station for the first night, which was a relief because we were quite exhausted.

We moved to a hostel a little further away from the city core for the next few nights and spent two days exploring Copenhagen. Everyone in Copenhagen seems to ride around on a bicycle and the city is extremely cycle friendly with separate bicycle lanes and motorists always yielding to cyclists on the road. Being an avid cyclist this got me really excited. Rob and I rented bicycles and had a great time riding all over the city and visiting the many sites.

With the Danish Monarchy being the oldest in the world there were many brilliant parks and buildings erected and dedicated to the royal family. Another interesting site was Christiania, a so-called free town within the city. Established in 1971 it is an alternative society of about 800 people with a liberal view on drugs. Essentially a group of people have declared their own state, developed their own rules, own everything communaly and govern themselves by consensus. The Danish government, until farily recently, have allowed them to function as something of a social experiment. In May of this year a huge riot erupted as police attempted to condem and tear down one of the buildings. The future of this community seems uncertain as the current conservative government is set on normalizing and integrating the community with the rest of Copenhagen.

We also went on a tour of the Carlsberg Brewery and got to sample fresh brew. It was delicious and tasted nothing like the Carlsberg beer that we can buy back in Canada. Also we couldn't pass up the opportunity to visit Tivoli. Tivoli is a very old and famous amusement park in the middle of Copenhagen. They have the worlds oldest rollercoater and tallest carousel. Rob and I decided that I'm the one with the better sea legs as he quickly got nauseous after a few rides.

Anyhow, although we could have spent more time visiting Copenhagen, our pocket book was greatful for us to leave. We certainly found it expensive condisering that we stayed in a crummy hostel (with single beds in a large dorm room), bought all of our food at a grocery store, did self guided tours and only really drank one beer each per day.

Friday morning we packed up and caught the six hour train to the northern part of Denmark.



From Leah on Aug 24th, 2007

Sounds like you are having lots of fun!

From leah on Aug 24th, 2007

I added you to my blogroll.

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