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Working the Milpa with the Zapatistas Photos


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Willie is purring like an avacado in the sun!

Damn that road sucks ball bearings!

That machete is more than just a steel blade, it is also an axe, a stucco remover, a beard razor, a steak knife, a corn on the cob utensil, a hair parter, a weapon, a whip for dogs and horses, a comal for tortilias, an anger managment tool, a jungle clearing device and on top of it all it is photogenic.

What happens when the world runs out of rubber for the tires?

Annette getting dangerous with the machete

A road, not sure why this is on the blog.

The Milpa

The Paul Mann Memorial School

This needs some sweet ass machete skill to get this up to code. Good thing machete's can make adobe as well. Man, I want to know why Mcgiver did not have one of these.

A horse, and a church.

More Machete

Pre Machete

The film crew and the Canada crew

Those tether balls where installed using machete's.

Before post petroleum and after?

Pedro Cafe and the pupils.



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