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Ruined in Chiapas- A mystical visit to the ancient Mayan city of Palenque Photos

Temple de Las Inscriptiones, the tomb of King Pakal

My mother and I enjoying a walk through the ruins

A temple in Grupo de las Cruces

Rob with Templo de las Inscriptiones in the background

Here we are, sitting on the edge of the Palace, with King Pakals famous tomb behind us

One of the underground passage-ways in the Palace

Large open plazas occupied the spaces between the pyramid complexes

Rob admiring the Grupo de las Cruces from atop one of the Pyramids

Annette looking out onto the Palacio and Templo de Las Inscriptiones (on the right)

A replica of the famous Jade-mask found on King Pakals remains

Jungle covered buildings in Grupo C

A neat pano of Rob and I looking out onto the Grupo de las Cruces

Annette and the Grupo de las Cruces

Hmmm... I think this picture is in here twice.

Another great pano of the Templo de las Inscriptiones